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"Ciabattone" (Giant Ciabatta), Pugliese Crown & Focaccia

Tuscan Market's Hand Crafted Artisan Ciabatta Bread is Authentic, celebrating the time-honored tradition in Italy of long fermented breads baked in stone hearths.

Our giant loaves are made with a natural ferment called a "Biga".
This gives the Ciabatta its wonderful light airy texture and caramelized crisp exterior...
The Tuscan Market "Ciabattone" (Giant Ciabatta) is a trademark to our Tuscan Kitchen Restaurants and Tuscan Markets. This large loaf makes a statement at any dinner party, special occasion or family gathering...

In the Italian language Ciabatta translates to "slipper". Ciabatta received its name because the shape it traditionally takes looks like a slipper. This bread is believed to have originated in the region around Lake Como in the Northern part of Italy. However, at least one type of Ciabatta can be found in nearly every region of Italy. Ciabatta is a young bread, bakeries have only been producing it since the mid-nineteen hundreds. Today people regard it as a traditional bread of Italy.

Inspired by Italy's mecca of Artisan bread making, This "Pane Pugliese" use a "biga' to create its crisp crust and chewy interior. Hand Formed into a beautiful Crown Shape, This Artisan Masterpiece is truly fit for a King.

Tuscan Market's Focaccia is long fermented to create its bubbly interior. Topped with roasted onions, fresh rosemary, and first pressed Sicilian Virgin olive Oil. Tuscan Market Focaccia is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

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