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  • Almond Biscotti

    Almond Biscotti

    Tradtionally Baked and Studded with Whole Natural Almonds. Great with a Cup of Coffee or Tea

    Packed 1 LB, Shipped Fresh
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  • Amarena


    Our Almond Macaroon Cookie with the Addition of Falvorful & Aromatic Amarena Cherries.

    Packed 1LB, Shipped Fresh
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  • Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti

    Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti

    Tradtionally Baked, Not too Sweet and Full of Whole Toasted Hazelnuts. Great with a Cup of Coffee or Tea

    Packed 1 LB, S...
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  • Chocolate Toto

    Chocolate Toto

    Our Toto's are Rich in Chocolate Flavor and have a clove spice finish. Classic Shaped with Icing on the Outside.

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  • Coconut Macaroon

    Coconut Macaroon

    Our Coconut Macaroons are Soft and Chewy with Just the right amount of Sweetness.

    Packed 1 LB, Shipped Fresh
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  • Cranberry Walnut Biscotti

    Cranberry Walnut Biscotti

    Tradtionally Baked, A New England Favorite. Stuffed with Dried Cranberries and Toasted Walnut Halves. Great with a Cup o...
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  • Italian Cookie Assortment

    Italian Cookie Assortment

    Sweet and Italian is what you are going to get with our gourmet artisan cookies. Our traditional favorites are perfect ...
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  • Limoncello Tiramisu

    Limoncello Tiramisu

    Classic Version of Tiramisu Made with Limoncello in Place of Coffee. Creamy Marscapone and Whip Cream Make This Tiramisu...
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  • Madeleines


    This Cookie is Perfect in the Afternoon with Coffee or Tea. Shell Shaped and dipped in Chocolate.

    Packed 1 LB, Shipped...
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  • Milanos


    Wafer Cookies sandwiching Ganache with Just a Hint of Orange Zest.

    Packed 1 LB, Shipped Fresh
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  • Nutella-Filled Cookie

    Nutella-Filled Cookie

    Buttery Cream Cheese Cookie stuffed with Nutella filling.

    Packed 1 LB, Shipped Fresh
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  • Pasta D'Amande

    Pasta D'Amande

    Light and Crispy Coated with Almonds on the outside, Chewy and Intensely Flavored
    with Almound on t...
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  • Pignoli


    Tuscan Market Pignoli's are Considered to be a Sicilian Treat. They are Toasty on the outside and creamy on the inside. ...
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  • Tiramisu


    Tuscan Market Original, Ladyfingers soake with Rum & Coffee, Marcarpone filling, Finished with with Cream to Make Our Te...
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